Is the baby too early to do toilet training?

Babies'toilet training should start at the age of 1.5. Too early training has no effect. Because the nervous system of a baby 18 months ago has not yet developed enough to control the large intestine, bladder and anus, it is difficult for his parents to teach him how to use the bedpan. If the baby's toilet training is too early and too strict, the baby will be criticized or even punished for "mistakes". When the baby is not ready to urinate or defecate independently, it will be forced to ask for autonomy, which will bring psychological harm to the baby and have a negative impact on the healthy growth of the baby in the future.
If the mother trains the baby's urine too early and too strict, when the baby's physiological function has not yet reached the full control of their own muscle activity, the baby is strictly required to control their own urine and urine. This doomed failure may cause the baby to form shame, cleanliness, excessive attention to organization and detail, stubbornness and other characteristics.
If in training, the baby through excessive excretion to combat defecation training, it will also lead to waste, disorganized, unrestrained, sloppy and other characteristics.
Therefore, the time for baby to start toilet training should be appropriate, not too early.
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