Babies can start toilet training performance.

Is the mother's baby ready for toilet training? If the baby has the following performance, it means that the baby can start toilet training.
1. Babies often say "I can do it by myself", which means that babies want to be more independent.
2. Babies have formed their own defecation habits, more regular, and will blush and focus when they are about to defecate.
3. The baby can put on his pants and take off his pants freely.
4. The boy is very interested in going to the toilet with his father and imitating his father's actions.
5. The baby's physique has developed to a certain extent. He can go to the place where the bedpan is placed and sit on the bedpan to solve the problem.
6. Babies know the difference between urine and stool. Babies may mention this when their mothers change their diapers.
7. Mothers may find that babies can keep their diapers dry for a long time, up to 3-6 hours. This shows that the baby's bladder function and control ability are constantly improving.
8. Babies can understand their mother's words and follow some simple instructions, such as bringing their mother's bear.
9. Babies begin to realize the feelings they feel when they need to urinate and defecate, and can show them, such as looking uncomfortable and curling up. Soon babies will learn to tell their mothers and babies what they need before they urinate.
10. If the diaper is wet, the baby will feel uncomfortable and complain to the mother for help.
11. The baby may pull the diapers off after each wet urine, which means that the baby may need 10 diapers a day. If that's the case, simply calculating the cost, the mother will find it's time for the baby to learn to use the bedpan to solve the problem.